Cataract Eye Surgery Centers

What is the problem?

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye, causing vision loss. Millions of people around the world, particularly the elderly, suffer from cataract-induced blindness, and yet this is a perfectly treatable condition. A simple seven-minute surgery in which the cloudy lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens to restore clear vision is all that is needed to transform someone’s life!

And this is precisely what the Global Needs Foundation wants to do—restore sight, independence, and mobility to cataract sufferers in three developing countries: Sierra Leone, Egypt and Ghana.

Who is GNF partnering with on this project?

To build these three cataract eye surgery centers, GNF has enlisted the help of the world’s largest and most productive eye-care service group—Aravind Eye Hospitals in India. As of 2012, Aravind has treated nearly 32 million patients and performed 4 million eye surgeries, the majority of them being free.

What will GNF do?

With Aravind’s expert guidance coupled with the help of five ophthalmologists that GNF has recently hired, GNF plans to build and run three cataract surgery centers in Sierra Leone, Egypt and Ghana. All three will follow Aravind’s incredibly successful model where treatment for the poor is free or heavily subsidized by the wealthier patients who will be expected to pay. GNF estimates that each center will cost approximately ————-to establish.

What is being done right now?

Planning for these three centers is underway, and in the meantime, GNF is organizing is medical trips to developing countries to perform cataract surgeries. A GNF team of five doctors recently returned from Egypt where it successfully treated over 500 patients. Each medical trip costs approximately $100,000.


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