Famine Relief in Somalia

What is the problem?

More than 20 million people in North-East Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen are facing famine or a credible risk of famine over the coming six months. Among the countries where the specter of famine is looming on the horizon is Somalia. Largely due to consecutive and severe drought, close to three million Somalis cannot meet their daily food requirements and around 944,000 children will be acutely malnourished this year. In the most severely affected areas, chiefly rural communities, crops have been wiped out and livestock have died, leaving the people in need of urgent help.

Who is GNF partnering with on this project?

The Global Needs Fund will enlist the guidance of the Amoud Foundation to help people in Somalia’s drought affected areas. The Amoud Foundation has spearheaded relief efforts since 2006 in the Horn of Africa, and, over the years, has cultivated a network relationships with volunteers, universities and the government in Somalia. The Amoud Foundation’s strength comes from knowing the landscape, the culture, the people and their needs in a way that few other humanitarian organizations do, and it is this strength that the GNF will draw upon throughout this project.

What will GNF do?


GNF will provide two of the most severely affected regions of Somalia- South and Central Somalia and Somaliland—with food and water. The majority of people in Somalia are nomads; they migrate from place to place in search of pasture for livestock. Thus, it is most effective to deliver water to them through mobile trucks rather than a water well. The trucks will quench both the people’s thirst and that of their animal, many of whom cannot move on without immediate water. Working in conjunction with the Amoud Foundation, GNF plans to send out 1,000 water trucks to South and Central Somalia and 1,000 water trucks to Somaliland. The cost per truck is $100, putting the total cost of deliver water to the people at $200,000.


Along with water, both the people and their livestock—donkeys, goats and sheep—require food. GNF plans to deliver one million meals to feed 5,000 families in ten different villages in South and Central Somalia and another one million meals to feed 5,000 families in ten villages in Somaliland. These food drops should sustain these families for one month. It will cost $100 to feed one family for one month, putting the total cost of nourishing these 10,000 families at $1,000,000.


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