What is the problem?

Sierra Leone is a country of rich soil yet only 15 percent of its arable land is cropped and malnutrition plagues this nation. Shine on Agriculture is a project conceived by the Global Needs Foundation to help the young people of Sierra Leon farm their land, support their families and garner a profit.

What will GNF do?

GNF plans to purchase 1,000 acres of arable land in Sierra Leone on which students will be taught to grow three crops: moringa, rice and hemp. Students will learn to farm and learn the fundamentals of launching and running a business through the Holistic Entrepreneurship Curriculum already in place in many of Sierra Leone’s secondary schools. GNF has enlisted the help of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Agriculture which has already committed to provide ongoing land allowances for this project.

The goals of Shine on Agriculture are three-fold:

  1. To teach students to grow food for both local consumption and export;
  2. To teach students how to run an agriculture-based business that generates a profit;
  3. And to use eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices

Why did GNF choose these three crops?

Through Shine On Agriculture, students will harvest and sell three specific crops: moringa, rice and hemp to meet local market demand.

We chose moringa because…… 

  • Shine on Agriculture will sell moringa to The Sierra Leone Morvigor Tea Company.
  • Studies show that the export market for moringa is burgeoning.

We chose rice because..…

  • Shine on Agriculture will sell rice to a local artisanal bakery called The Teaching Kitchen.
  • Rice is a local food staple yet the majority of rice consumed in Sierra Leone is imported from abroad.

We chose hemp because…..

  • Shine on Agriculture will supply value-added hemp products to Chinese importers; China currently acquires much of its hemp production from the USA.
  • Hemp is a profitable crop with various opportunities for value-addition; hemp can be used as bio-diesel, fabric, timber and food.

And in between harvests, uncultivated land will be used to grow short-cycle crops such as vegetables and fruits.


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